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The Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research, and Education is constantly striving to find new and innovative ways to make a difference.

The following are some of the projects in which we are involved:

Enough With the Plastic Already!  
An incredible amount of oceanbound waste could be reduced if people were simply more aware of how their habits affect the world around them. We seek to raise public awareness of some very commonly overlooked sources of trash, and want to encourage people everywhere to examine their choices and make a conscious effort to make a positive and lasting change.

Educational Content  
The future lies with our children.   While everyone has the power to make a difference, COARE believes that children and young adults hold the greatest potential to enact the changes our world needs.
By creating short segment educational films geared specifically for educators to bring into their curriculum, interest in and discussion about ocean life, creatures, concerns, and conservation can easily and effectively be sparked in the classroom.

COARE Values for the Classroom  
By arming children with necessary information, and by dispelling commonly held myths at an early age, we can empower future generations to make intelligent and effective decisions. Moreover, our target audience can then influence their friends and family to make similarly informed choices.
This project will promote sustainable choices and reduce ocean-bound waste around the San Francisco Bay Area by developing and implementing a curriculum of conservation oriented presentations which can be made at a variety of elementary schools.

Shark-Friendly Communities  
For years, COARE has been working to increase awareness of shark finning and the deleterious effects of shark fin soup consumption.  What started as a campaign to encourage communities and city administrations to embrace regulation of shark fins, turned into a campaign to create, promote, and support shark conservation and shark fin legislation around the world.   COARE is proud to be one of the world's leading organizations and experts in shark conservation legislation.
As part of this project, COARE is proud to offer Shark Safe® certification to businesses that distinguish themselves through their dedication to shark conservation.

Green Divers for Blue Oceans®  
SCUBA divers and freedivers are more intimately aware of the oceans and the life within it. They are also more apt to notice the changes that have occurred, and that continue to occur, beneath the surface. As divers, we are ambassadors representing the underwater world, and it is our duty to share conservation messages with the non-diving world.   The Green Divers for Blue Oceans® campaign encourages divers to become more engaged in conservation, and provides messaging to help them effectively reach others - from individuals to wide audiences.

World Oceans Day Celebration  
Several years ago, COARE teamed up with a few other Bay Area organizations to begin a tradition of annual events that celebrate ocean life.  
June 8th, 2015 -- save the date.

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