NO on 65

Prop 65 is not what it pretends to be. It claims to be about funding environmental programs, but it was created by out-of-state manufacturers of single-use plastic grocery bags in order to confuse voters and defeat Prop 67.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, "Prop. 65 deserves consideration as one of the most disingenuous ballot measures in state history."

Read the fine print of the California Voter Information Guide: "A provision of Proposition 65 could be interpreted by the courts as preventing Senate Bill 270 (the ban on plastic bags) from going into effect at all."   Simply put, if 65 gets more votes than 67, then there will be no statewide bag ban. Vote NO on 65. Vote YES on 67.

Still not sure? Simply follow the money. Check out the campaign contributions recorded by the California Secretary of State.

If you look at the funding for Prop 65, you'll see that the *only* support for it is from the "American Progressive Bag Alliance, a Project of the Society of the Plastics Industry." If this were truly good for the environment, wouldn't you imagine that at least ONE environmental organization or coalition would join in?

Please reject this bogus measure.   Vote NO on 65.

YES on 67

Single-use plastic bags are an epidemic. They litter our streets, damage recycling equipment, clog our storm drains, pollute our waterways, poison our oceans, and pose a deadly threat to marine wildlife. That's why hundreds of citys around the world - and even entire countries - have banned them or imposed fees on them. . . and that is why California passed a statewide law in 2014 - with broad public support - to phase out single-use grocery bags.

However, The plastic industry spent millions of dollars to challenge this law, and tricked many voters into signing the petition to force this law to a ballot vote.

A YES vote on Prop 67 reaffirms the law, and will continue to move California beyond the waste, costs, and threats to wildlife and the environment caused by single-use plastic grocery bags.

Don't be fooled by opponents to Prop 67. Even though out-of-state plastics industry created this Proposition, they oppose it. In fact, you'll see they're the only opposition.

If you click on the link for the opposition: "American Progressive Bag Alliance, a Project of the Society of the Plastics Industry", you can get the dirt. Under "View Information", click "Contributions received", and you'll see a listing of all the contributors trying to undo our statewide bag ban. Yep, they're all out-of-state big plastic.

Enough with the plastic already!   Vote YES on 67!  Vote NO on 65.

What you can do to help

  • Support "bag-ban" bills in your state or city
  • When you order take-out, tell them you'll bring your own bag, and remind them not to include plastic-ware. Better yet, tell them you'll also be bringing your own containers.
  • Plan ahead, or carry a small collapsible bag in your car or purse for unexpected shopping stops.